Youthlink “links” homeless young adults in the Minneapolis area with important life safety and wellbeing resources. Youthlink desired to team up with Project in Pride in Living (PPL) to create a new youth shelter that tied into Youthlinks existing facility. In addition, Youthlink desired to upgrade their existing facility with long needed capital improvements. IAG Commercial provided project management services for the remodel of the Youtlink facility


To design and build the desired upgrades to the existing structure and tie the new structure seamlessly together with the existing structure. Because funds had to be raised, it was important to complete the project on time and on budget while also allowing for community volunteers to help as much as possible with the effort through both dedication of time and money.


The project started with not all the funds raised so a bridge loan was used to help the construction process proceed. Much of the existing facility use had to be “shifted” as the building was opened up to the outside so the new addition could be added to link the two projects together. Use of the facility by staff and the homeless youth needed to continue even though many of the existing facility areas were off-limits at certain times of the construction project.


Youthlink hired an architect and contractor from the very beginning. A negotiated bid structure was used with the contractor so they could be brought to the table at the same time as the architect so we could maximize the value-add opportunities from the beginning. IAG worked with Youtlink’s preferred architect to review the drawings and manage the bidding and remodeling process of the interior and exterior. IAG managed the budget requests, schedule and collection of lien waivers. IAG conducted the weekly coordination meetings with the construction and design team. In the end, the project faced budget challenges but was brought in on budget and on time to create a beautifully remodeled facility tied into a new housing complex through partnership with Project for Pride in Living.

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