City of Minneapolis



IAG Commercial equipped the City of Minneapolis with the information needed to decide between new construction or remodeling of several existing facilities.


The City of Minneapolis needed help defining and planning their fragmented facilities situation. They needed to map out a plan and act on the agreed upon direction. The city desired to consolidate employees and provide more efficient public access in a environment that best met their future space needs.


The City of Minneapolis occupied several fragmented buildings that did not ideally house employees and provide public access to the necessary service needs. The city needed a plan on what to do next that included the cost to renovate existing buildings or construct a new building that consolidated services. To complete the exercise a gap analysis of existing space vs. future space needs needed to be completed and IAG was able to help define this need.


We provided the City of Minneapolis with the necessary financial models to compare their current space utilization with their projected space needs over five years. The models included a cost comparison of remodeling existing buildings vs. construction of a new government services center. Through the gap analysis and the financial modeling, the city received the information needed to formulate a plan and map out a direction that worked for them to achieve their goals. 

Ultimately a decision was made to build a new government services center in close proximity to the existing Minneapolis City Hall. The new facility will consolidate employees and provide much improved service access to the public.  A new government services center was constructed next to the Minneapolis City Hall.  This beautiful facility consolidated employees and provided much improved service access for the public.

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