What Drives Us

Making our communities better by helping clients make wise real estate decisions.

Many entities seek additional resources and staff to plan wisely, execute properly and implement sustainable commercial real estate decisions.
IAG Commercial Real Estate


IAG Commercial was started in July of 2009 with one driving focus: to help our end-user clients meet their exclusive real estate needs.

Integrust Advisory Group LLC is our legal name, and we do business as IAG Commercial.  Our legal name emphasizes our two cornerstones: Integrity and Trust. Our commitment to our clients is to always operate with these two cornerstones at the forefront of everything that we do.
We help end-users plan, define, and deliver on a commercial real estate strategy that complements their business plan. These strategies are then carried out through leasing or buying space, disposing of excess real estate, or selecting and building a new site.  Whether needing help locally or across the globe, we can help.
Amongst our team of commercial real estate specialists, we have more than 80 years’ experience in real estate. We have advanced degrees as well as multiple professional certificates in our field. We have helped clients locally, nationally, and globally achieve their goals on both simple and complex tasks that were important to them.
We approach our client relationships as if we are part of their entity. We commit to working hard for our clients to identify real estate solutions that best meet their current needs.  Guiding our clients down the path to achieve their long-term goals is what drives us each day.  Most of all, we hope to create life-long business relationships that continue to grow with your business. 

Making our communities better by helping clients make wise real estate decisions.

Expand Your Capacity

Our Story

We were created to focus on the exclusive real estate needs of our end-user clients.  We believe conflicts of interest can be managed more effectively by not providing agency services to both institutional landlords and end-user clients.

When we immerse ourselves with clients, we are at our best. We do not want to be thought of as an outside group. We serve as an extension of your team so the real estate needs of your company are staffed appropriately for the project at hand.

We manage the lengthy and detailed stages of our client's real estate tasks. This includes defining the project scope, gaining internal and city approvals, document review with legal staff, construction oversight, and much more.

3d Delivery Process

Our Approach

Our process helps you identify the challenge.
Quality buildings help define quality communities.
We reach agreement on the project scope and desired solution.
Entity decision making can be complex, but process brings clarity.
We implement the solution to satisfactory completion.
Excellence in delivery requires clear process definition & performance measurement.
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What We Do
We help entities & investors strategically plan, lease, buy, sell and construct commercial & industrial real estate.