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Owners Representative Construction Management

Managing a turn-key process.

Managing an efficient and cost-effective delivery of a project.

Our Process

The IAG Six Sigma Approach:

Define desired outcome
Hire the design & construction teams
Coordinate the design process
Oversee project scheduling and budgeting
Deliver the project on-time and within budget

Knowledge + Experience
= Credibility

Our knowledge and experience orchestrate a clear direction and implementation strategy.

IAG Differentiators

6 Benefits of working with IAG Commercial advisory services.

Staffing flexibility
Get support as you need it & avoid hiring full time staff. We are a temporary employment agency for specific real estate expertise.
Gain an experienced planner
We are proficient in facilitating stakeholder meetings with senior leaders.
Financial Modeling Experience
We are knowledgeable in capital markets and scenario planning.
Market knowledge
We understand the dynamics of commercial and industrial markets.
Worldwide Experience& Connections
We provide a single point of contact in managing the process in global markets.
Real Estate Process Expertise
We embrace six sigma methodologies to deliver repeatable, efficient, and measurable services.
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Our Services

Strategic Real Estate Planning
We guide your team to identify the gap between where you are today, and where you would like to be in the future.
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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
Leveraging your time to add tactical and market expertise to your team.
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Owners Representative Construction Management
Managing a turn-key construction and move process.
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Investment Services
Sourcing investment opportunities that benefit our end-user and investment clients.
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