Our investment services started as a way to better serve the needs of our end-user clients as some of our clients prefer to lease structures over owning them.  This requires that we put the ownership structure in place on a new acquisition or development project. 

As a result, we are always looking at growing our investment relationships with individuals, families and entity’s that like to invest in commercial and industrial real estate.  Bringing the user and the investor together for a common solution provides the opportunity to fully address our clients business objectives. Our company helps our investment clients find the property that fits their needs, underwrite the necessary capital requirements, analyze the financial returns and close on the new or existing property.

Serving investment needs

From our experience, our investment client’s first priority is to preserve their capital and their second priority is to grow their capital investment.  We get this and know that our ability to meet our client’s expectations is dependent upon meeting these objectives.  While we do not control market trends, our experience allows us insight that can be used to help clients achieve these goals over a defined period of time.  This period of time is different for each of our clients as some prefer a stabilized asset for a long-term hold and others prefer a “value-added” investment that provides a favorable return once the value has been created. 

IAG Commercial’s philosophy is to ask questions of our clients to gain an understanding of their desired financial goals and investment strategy. We then work to identify viable options in the market that appear to meet our clients investment needs. Once we confirm the possible assets with a client, we then go into a deeper analysis of each potential option. Our analysis starts with answering the question, “Is there currently or is there going to be occupancy demand in the market for this asset?”  We believe that financial fundamentals start with a positive answer to this question.  No matter how nice the asset, if the answer to the first question is “NO” we believe the analysis should stop, UNLESS the property can be re-positioned to a product type where demand will be favorable. 

For a favorable answer to the question around  market demand, we then dive deeper into the anticipated proforma of the asset. This proforma is developed with depth through research, market knowledge and property investment experience. This is where science meets art form as we do our best to look into the future of this asset and project most likely returns.  It is not too dissimilar to looking at the capital markets and projecting forward the anticipated returns.  As any investor knows, it is not a perfect world but strong research, in-depth market knowledge and the wisdom of investment experience help when navigating the future.   

For re-positioning or new development opportunities, our team works closely with architects and contractors to define the vision and related construction costs.  Once the scope is defined we can then refine the costs, proformas and assist our clients through the city approval process.  Upon city approval, our team carries the project forward through negotiation of the architectural and construction agreements.  IAG Commercial will then provide management of the schedule, budget and vendor payments. Last of all, we take responsibility for the final city inspections and collection of lien waivers to close out the project.

Regardless of whether you are  an individual, family or private/public equity, IAG’s investment management services can help you make wise commercial real estate investment decisions.  


Each property and investor has their own unique set of characteristics and financial goals requiring different perspectives to investment assets. Understanding these characteristics and goals BEFORE we start an investment search is paramount to our approach to helping clients make a sound decision. Whether you are considering acquiring, holding, exchanging or relinquishing a property, IAG Commercial will custom design an investment strategy around this defined parameters.  We believe real estate is an amazing investment asset, when it works!  We desire to have every investment work for our clients by paying attention to the details throughout the process.