North Central University



North Central University (NCU) is a private college located on the east side of the Minneapolis CBD. The campus consists of approximately 24 properties that have been slowly acquired over the last 100 years. North Central University hired IAG Commercial to provide commercial real estate services that supplemented their existing facilities department.


NCU’s goal is to create a stronger campus presence through larger scale, more centralized buildings and slowly dispose of functionally obsolete properties while acquiring strategically located properties.


The financial gap between new building construction and the value of existing buildings, is significant. At the same time, NCU needs to continue to utilize the existing buildings until money is raised to construct a new building. NCU is in a position where they need to raise the funds for any new buildings as they desire to build with little to no debt.


Hiring IAG provided NCU access to multiple skill sets on an as needed basis, thus eliminating the need to add staff to their payroll and benefits package.

Since being hired in June of 2019, IAG Commercial has provided the following services:

  • Valuation services on 10 properties
  • Disposition of a 32-unit apartment building previously used as a dormitory for $3.4M
  • Provided city research on reutilizing a now vacant lot and the cost for a parking structure
  • Marketing an endowed property in Wilmer, MN with area agent
  • Follow up services on possible acquisition targets
  • Participated in disposition meetings with prospective buyers
  • Respond to neighborhood inquiries on building opportunities

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