What Do We Do?

Today I had lunch with a long-time CFO client and now friend of mine.  He made the comment that he likes our advisory model but has a tough time defining what exactly we do.  This was helpful and made me think about why we exist.  Our roots started because we felt there was a need in the marketplace for a third party that just represents the end-users of space.  This includes corporations, government entities and non-profits.  Why is this important?

The majority of the industry is driven by the institutional owner that awards third-party service companies with their leasing, management, maintenance, construction and investment services.  This fuels the revenue stream for these third-party service firms but causes conflicts when the end-user is up against the other side of the company who may be trying to represent them.  We experienced this first hand many times in our career and it is not best for the end-user.  

This passion to provide advisory, transaction and single-sided representation drives everything we do for our clients.  This is why our clients like our approach.  Large or small, we are there for them on planning, leasing, selling, building, managing or providing project management oversight.  Call today if you would like to discuss how we may be able to help your organization.  


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