IAG Clients

IAG Clients

While we have extensive experience in working with large Fortune 500 Clients our main focus is working with companies that are smaller than the Fortune 500 and typically have a need for help with multiple locations.  The majority of our clients have either industrial or office needs although some of our life sciences focused clients are starting to think like retailers as they seek greater visibility.   Our clients like that we have experience working with large companies, but the flexibility to work with multiple brokers from different companies across the globe as we deliver services outside of the Greater MSP area.  

We are not concerned with working with only one company, but rather making sure our contact in another location is well qualified to deliver the service we need.   Consistently our clients tell us our in-depth experience and our willingness to be a single point of contact for real estate services is an advantage to them.  This allows them to leverage their time by building stronger relationships with the internal business units and delegating the real estate tactics to us once the strategy has been defined.  Whether your company is $30 million or $30 billion in revenue we have the experience to help you execute a real estate strategy.  We view ourselves as an extension of your team and are committed to making the entire team better in delivering real estate services to your organization.


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