Growing a Business

Growing a Business

We just celebrated 8 years as a company.  Sometimes we have to be reminded of where we started and where we are today.  This is especially true when you have my level of patience, which is about the same as a mosquito!  Growing a business is not easy but we remain focused on our niche of working with the end-user of space for tenant/buyer representation, disposition, development and project management services.  Our clients appreciate what we do for them and like our dedicated service approach.  

The challenge for us is how to we win over more clients when we constantly compete against the "gorilla's" of the industry.  These large companies seem to consistently represent both sides of a transaction. We do not believe this provides the best service for the end-user client. Unlike the legal business that addresses conflicts every day, our industry does not give much recognition to them.  This represents the educational challenge of our services.

The other key challenge for our growth is how do we get our message out.  Referrals are always best but we cannot meet our growth goals just on referrals.  We are struggling with finding the right balance between telemarketing, social media, mailings, networking and e-mail.  In talking to prospects it seems there is no right answer as all of these methods can proof effective or ineffective from one day to another.  We do know that too much of anything becomes more of a nuisance than a positive marketing tool.

The bottom line:  we will take your referral and wish we did not have to do all the other. :) However, we believe in our niche, our services and our people and know that we have to get after it to make things happen!


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