Finding solutions for the end user

Our Vision (our daily "North Star"):  We deliver supplemental real estate services to support a productive, safe and sustainable workplace.


Our Mission

(Long-term community impact)


We create life-impacting relationships that enrich our community through wise commercial real estate decisions.


Our Clients

While we have extensive experience in working with Fortune 500 Clients our main focus is working with companies that are smaller than the Fortune 500 and typically have a need for help with multiple locations.  The majority of our clients are headquartered in the Upper Midwest and have either industrial or office needs.  However,  some of our clients are starting to think like retailers as they seek greater public visibility.   Our clients like our experience and single point of contact approach whether working in the Upper Midwest or globally.   As an independent firm we enjoy the flexibility to work with multiple brokers from different companies across the globe as we deliver services outside of the local area.

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