Tree Trust


Case Study Overview

Tree Trust desired to find a new location that allowed them to reallocate usage of the building, provide a more centralized location to serve their clients better and reduce overhead costs. IAG Commercial helped Tree Trust accomplish the three goals.


Tree Trust desired to find a new facility that allowed them to provide a centralized location, reduce their warehouse space and increase their office space. They also needed to improve the space layout and operational flow of their organization.


Tree Trust desired a location that achieved a balance between the three criteria. IAG Commercial had difficulty finding a centralized warehouse location that allowed an outdoor storage area. It was also difficult to find a building that provided the necessary docks but yet supported a heavy office build out. The project had the additional challenge of being rushed under the time constraint of the existing lease.


In the end we were able to find a location that met ALL the client’s needs. They signed a 5 year lease for 11,322 square feet in the St. Paul Midway area.  The St. Paul Midway area was perfectly located to be accessible to their clientele and employees. The new facility provided outside storage area for short-term landscape deliveries. Tree Trust experienced a more fluid flow of business processes in a building that is better equipped for their office and warehouse needs.

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