The Difference

We bring a multifaceted approach to real estate service. Regardless of your area of need, we will work alongside you and become a resourceful part of your team. We work with you to identify every viable option that can be put into action to best address your needs. If you find your entity facing a real estate challenge, our team is here to put your mind at ease. We will work tirelessly to make sure your facilities needs are met so you can focus on the other vital areas of your company’s operations.


Excess Space Disposition

Disposition of Excess Property includes buildings, land, subleases, and terminations

This is a synopsis of the methodology for the disposition of owned and leased properties. This methodology will be adapted for each client along with the IAG Disposition Plan. During the planning phase it can be modified to meet changing requirements and adjusted according to the size and nature of the specific property contrasted. 


Portfolio Management

  • Create Electronic Project Management Files for Each Active Location

  • Conduct Lease Abstracts (if needed)

  • Hire Local Brokers as Needed Globally

  • Negotiate Lease Renewals, Re-locations and Expansions/Contractions

  • Complete Lease Audits

  • Assist with Real Estate Tax Appeals/Litigation


Tenant / Owner Representation

  • Define Client Needs

  • Coordinate RFP's and Select Architect and Construction Team (as appropriate)

  • Complete Project Schedule

  • Conduct Real Estate/Site Search

  • Coordinate and Lead Negotiation Process

  • Provide Project Management Oversight

  • Deliver Project Per Budget and Schedule


Development & Construction P.M.

Selection Process:

  • Provide Demographic and Market Research

  • Review Market Area Factors

  • Complete the GIS Based Analysis

  • Create Site Inventory

  • Evaluate Sites Based on Client Criteria

  • Identify Any Available Government Incentives


  • Pre-negotiation with Owners/Brokers

  • Create Proforma Development Analysis

  • Conduct Cost Comparison

  • Lead Initial Entitlement Discussions with City

  • Negotiate Purchase Terms

Select Development Team

  • Manage Development Team

  • Facilitate Design

  • Incorporate LEED/Sustainable Aspects

  • Secure Entitlements

  • Begin Construction Management

Project Management:

  • Coordinate Construction

  • Oversee Cost Control

  • Manage and Track Cash Flow and Payments

  • Provide Occupancy and Project Closeout

  • Engage Building Management Vendors


Facilities & Maintenance P.M.


Our executive level of services provides assistance with such key initiatives as going green through recycling and energy savings assessments plans, as well as a detailed project and capital improvement planning.

  • Working Knowledge of Building Systems - Inside and Out

  • Leadership Skills to Drive Key Project Initiatives

  • Conduct Owner Communication through Meetings and Project Software

  • Create and Implement Systems and Procedures

  • Coordinate and Provide Capital Improvement Oversight

  • Dispatch Systems for Maintenance Techs and Service Vendors


Our technical level of service provides mechanical assistance. IAG Commercial maintenance technicians are skilled, knowledgeable, and licensed in all areas of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) and can help keep your facility comfortable for employees throughout the year.

  • HVAC Service and Repairs

  • Plumbing Repairs

  • Minor Roof Maintenance

  • Inspection and Cleaning of A/C Coils

  • Checking Electrical Connections and Amp Draws

  • Replace Filters

  • Repair/Replace Compressors, Condensers and Blowers

  • Inspect and Clean Heat Exchangers

  • Install New HVAC Units

  • Repair and Install Duct Work

  • Maintain Chillers and Boilers

  • Inspect and Maintain Cooling Towers

General Routine

Our general level of services provides general assistance. From changing light ballast to repairing a faucet, our maintenance technicians are available to take on the daily chores and tasks required to keep your company running smoothly. 

  • Grounds and Common Area Policing

  • Vacancy Cleanup

  • Lamp Replacement and Bulb Recycling

  • Ceiling Tile Repair

  • Picture Hanging and Minor Furniture Relocation

  • Painting

  • Dry Wall Repair

  • Door and Window Repairs


General Consulting Services 

Planning for Leasing, Buying, Selling:

As tenants and buyer representatives, our focus is finding the best solutions for our clients. We are diligent in our research and evaluation of each client's individual situation. We remain steadfast in our commitment to operating in the best interests of our clients.  

Because we hold our clients needs in the highest regard, we hope to be rewarded with a long-term business relationship that is mutually beneficial. Our client's satisfaction is our most important goal. We are committed to honest, ethical and professional services and do not compromise on these values. We realize that if we earn your trust today we will review your business tomorrow.

Some of our additional services:

  • Strategic Real Estate Planning-"Where You Are vs Where Do You Want to Go?"

  • Complete Lease vs Buy Analysis

  • Surplus Space and/or Utilization Analysis

  • Land Acquisitions/Assemblage

  • Comprehensive Property Availability Studies

  • Lease or Purchase Agreement Documentation