Refined over TIME


The direct action steps we take vary depending on the service we are providing each client. Regardless of the service being provided, there is an overall process we follow to make sure we have a firm understanding about the specific goals, challenges and needs of each client. Only then can we determine which services to provide to ensure our involvement results in a favorable outcome. We challenge our clients to think not only of their immediate needs but also their long-term goals. In order to achieve this, we take a comprehensive approach and explore all possible options for our clients.  



There is not a single solution or approach that will result in the best outcome for our clients. In each case there are many factors to consider and we adapt accordingly. Consequently, to ensure we tailor solutions to the specific needs of each client, we work to ask the right questions. We only move forward once we have the chance to listen and gain a firm understanding of our client’s situation. 

Planning & Evaluation

Once we have established the context of our clients needs we thoroughly research to evaluate potential real estate solutions. Based on this research, our industry knowledge, and the situation of each client, we determine a course of action that will put the client in a position to succeed.


Implementation and Execution

Lastly, we work alongside clients to make sure they are guided not only during the planning stage, but until the strategy is successfully implemented. We want to be there with you to see the plan through to success. From planning, to real estate strategy execution, to project management, we have you covered!


We are an extension of your team

When we immerse ourselves with clients we are at our best. We don’t want to be thought of as an outside group. We truly become part of your team serving as additional employees so that the real estate needs of your company are effectively met. We manage the lengthy and detailed stages of client real estate needs including execution of real estate strategies, city approvals, document review and legal coordination, construction and architect hiring, schedule and budget oversight, database management of documents and much more.