OSi Physical Therapy


Case Study Overview

OSI Physical Therapy (OSI) is located on the east side of the Greater MSP area.  They currently have nine locations and prior to our involvement did not have a real estate plan or a formal partner to help guide them through a real estate strategy to complement their business plan. 


OSI wanted to implement a strategy to create great visibility and accessibility for their clients. 


The changes in the health care industry required them to rethink their visibility and branding strategy as their referral network shifted from provider referrals to marketing directly to the end user.  


By teaming together we were able to create greater visibility by moving into more single level locations that provided greater visibility and accessibility for their clients. This shift allowed them to standardize their office setup so a consistent “look” could be maintained in each location. The end result was greater visibility and a significant reduction in rent that helped reduce their cost structure.  

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