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By understanding a government entity or non-profits community-driven, mission-focused strategies, IAG Commercial seeks to align a non-profits operational strategies with their real estate strategy. We believe real estate should assist the government entity/non-profit operations rather than alter operations just to make the real estate “work”. Having non-profit status is a significant cost savings to operations. Implementing real estate strategies that maximize market opportunities while minimizing operational disruptions are a main objective. By putting a direction in place, it allows the government entity/non-profit to migrate toward an ideal real estate strategy as opportunity and funds provide.

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In the world of government entities/non-profits, cash flow is all important.  However, assets are not all bad either!  Often, we are able to create cash flow by divesting of underutilized assets and redeploying this liquidity toward new real estate holdings.  Real estate must always “support” the mission of the organization, but real estate can be inflexible and requires patience.  Because the real estate needs of government entities/non-profits are typically unique to them, IAG has real estate consultants who understand the decision processes undertaken by these organizations. IAG recognizes how real estate decisions must be executed to support the organization’s mission-sensitive strategies and specialized criteria. IAG values itself on its extensive amount of experience with government entities/non-profits and takes pride in being able to help these all important organizations continue their mission of improving the community.

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As an extension of your government entity/non-profit organization, IAG will provide comprehensive real estate advisory and transactional services. We are committed to strategies that are agreed to in advance and meet your budget and time constraints while alleviating your risks. In the end, teaming with you can help bring your organization’s vision to life to further advance your organization’s mission. Whether you’re looking to relocate, sell, buy, construct, or renovate an existing space, we commit to providing our best efforts to improve the community into your project.

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