Creating better communities by helping clients plan and execute wise commercial real estate decisions.

Our Mission

(Our daily service commitment to excellence)

We plan and execute wise commercial real estate decisions through: real estate strategic planning, tenant/buyer representation, sale/sublease of excess buildings/space, construction/project management, building development and investment services.

CoRPorate, Healthcare, Non-Profit/ Government and investment Real Estate Clients

While we have extensive experience in working with Fortune 500 clients, today our main focus is our corporate/end-user solutions. Our clients typically need help with multiple locations and many of these locations are in other North American or global markets. While the majority of our corporate/end-user clients are occupiers of commercial and industrial real estate, some of our clients are starting to think like retailers as they seek greater public visibility and access.  An example of this is our medical and financial service clients.  We are seeing an increase in the frequency of medical and financial services clients desiring to relocate and moving into retail spaces.

Our corporate/end-user clients like our extensive experience and single point of contact approach, whether working locally or globally.  As a small firm, partnering with other service providers is important as we move outside of Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul.  We believe our focus avoids the listing conflicts of our larger competitors. 

As an independent firm, we enjoy the flexibility to partner with multiple commercial real estate service companies across the globe.  Some of our partners are large firms and some are small firms but all are well qualified by us to make sure they can provide professional delivery of the services we need for our clients to be successful.   



Commercial Real Estate Needs


At IAG our area of emphasis is commercial real estate. We provide corporate/end-user real estate services and investment services for our clients.  Our primary emphasis on the corporate/end-user services is working as a supplemental service to a client’s current staff.  We primarily work  with clients that desire help managing the real estate decisions for  multiple locations. 80% of what we do falls within this “bell curve” but we also work with many entities needed help with a one time real estate decision.   


Our experience includes working with small to Fortune 500 companies.  When working outside of our primary markets, we like our business model of having the flexibility to team multiple service providers from different companies across the globe. We pride ourselves on working as an extension of our client’s team and are committed to providing proactive real estate asset management that positions real estate to best service the needs of the business units. 


Our specific services are:  real estate strategy creation, tenant/buyer representation, disposition/acquisition, development and project management services. We work alongside clients to make sure they are advised and guided through  the planning stage and implementation. We want to be with every client to see the plan through to success. At IAG Commercial, we will partner with you through the lengthy and detailed stages of client real estate decisions including city approvals, document review and legal coordination, construction and architect hiring, schedule and budget oversight, database management of documents and proactive tracking of future real estate decisions.

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More than just Real Estate


At IAG Commercial,  we recognize that for most of our clients, real estate is not a core competency for them.  For our investor clients, we recognize they do not want to be involved in the day-to-day management of their assets.   We make this an easier process for our clients through our in-depth experience and willingness to be a single point of contact for them.  This allows clients to best leverage their time on core operational or investment functions.   Details of the day to day tasks matter to us and we do our best to track and management them proactively.


The proactive-action steps we take vary depending on the service we provide and the needs of our clients. Regardless of the service being provided, there is an overall process we follow to make sure we have a firm understanding of the specific goals, challenges, and needs of each client. Only then can we determine which services to provide to ensure our involvement results in a favorable outcome.


We challenge our clients to think  of both their immediate real estate needs and the long-term business goals and the role real estate will play in achieving these goals.. Once defined, we then work with our clients to define a strategy and put it into place.  We have found there is not a single solution or approach that will result in the best outcome for our clients because we understand that every client has different needs.

With each corporate/end-user and investor client, there are specific factors to consider and we adapt accordingly. To ensure we tailor solutions to the specific needs of each client, we start by asking the hopefully good questions……usually lots of them!  Sorry. We have found this period of questioning is so important to help us move forward in a positive manner.   Once we have established the context of our client's needs and goals, we begin the process of  evaluating potential real estate solutions. When we immerse ourselves with our clients, IAG Commercial is at its best. We do not want to be thought of as an outside group because it is always our goal to partner with each of our clients. 



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