IAG Commercial offers personalized commercial real estate advisory and brokerage service that meets the specific needs of our clients.  Our services are designed to identify challenges  and help implement solutions that can stand the test of public scrutiny. Through a multifaceted approach to real estate service, encouragement of input from stake holders and working closely with our clients,  we are committed to meeting our clients' goals in a seamless and transparent fashion.

Serving Healthcare and life sciences

We take professional pride in representing you in your search for the best space options for your healthcare operations. We apply an exploratory  process of questioning for each project.  This provides us   a clear understanding of the specific goals, challenges, community needs and anticipated budgets. Our healthcare clients don’t always move quickly, but we utilize the necessary patience to help our clients work toward accomplishment of their goals in a transparent manner.  We are energized by improved communities and believe wise facility decisions play a large part in this effort by the community leaders.


While we all wish we could maintain the health of our 20’s, we also realize that experience brings wisdom.  We hope!  Our extensive years of commercial real estate experience has taught us how to manage a comprehensive approach to people’s perspective that leads to ownership of the collective decision. Planning the strategies are just as important as the final execution of the decision.  Whether working on a large public project or a small project few in the public will know about, we believe paying attention to details and executing them well is critical to success. 

We work with our clients every step of the way because our job is not complete until our clients are happy with the final outcome. Long-term relationships matter to us and our best marketing is through our clients telling others about the help we provided.  We are committed to providing  wise advice and professional real estate services with an emphasis on honesty, integrity, and long-term relationships. We believe our clients  deserve our best on every project whether large or small in scope.