Microgrid Technologies Available New Class A Construction: Protection for Your Company and the Environment

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OATI Microgrid Technology Center is located at the Northeast intersection of 494 and Highway 100, in Bloomington. The new construction offers up to 60,000 RSF of office space. Despite the prime location, and beautiful architecture, the most impressive part of this building is the technology it utilizes. The entire facility will be able to support itself with microgrid power generation technology.

Microgrid technology is a way of using multiple sources of energy supply to support a facility or even a small community. Utilizing, solar, wind and other “green” energies to not be dependent on just one source. It enables the users to be a part of the main local power grid, but also support itself with its own power generation. Many microgrids can support themselves indefinitely. In case of storm, energy shortage or other factors, those on the microgrid will be unaffected.

This new facility is being constructed in partnership with OATI.  They have been in operation since 1995 and are constantly keeping up with energy changes and regulations.  OATI offers state of the art security as well as multi-site data storage.

OATI Microgrid Technology Center provides extremely important reliability for technology companies. With both on and offsite data centers and on-site security, companies can have confidence that their information is secure. David Buckman of IAG Commercial said:

It’s absolutely amazing to see how OATI has integrated every reasonable power source into their microgrid.  Since they can monitor every detail and every cost, it’s easy to understand how they can separate from the grid and operate as an “island”; either when it makes sense from a cost standpoint or when they need to based on a failure from outside sources. Since there’s nothing else like it in the Twin Cities, the OATI building has set the bar high for future microgrid developments.

This new property looks to be a great opportunity for many types of businesses, especially those in the technology field. “I will be very curious in the coming years to see how microgrid technology is received and how and when demand for more sites comes into play”, said David Buckman. This could be the future of backup power generation in commercial real estate.